Why none of us are Self Made

Author: Steve Young  

Lately I've seen a lot of clothing and tattoos around with "Self Made" printed and inked on them and it really got me reflecting on my journey...


Initially, my 1st thought was "Fuck yeah, me too", really buying into the idea that I made it here all by myself.  I built this Brand, I created Belief and I rule the roost....


But they say that we can only control our 2nd thought, our 1st is involuntary.


So, I got thinking...  Am I Self Made?


Back when I started Belief, it was an idea to bring my story to life (see our brief 4 part Blog on how Belief Came to Life) and inspire people from all walks to go for their goals,.. to forget about "Chasing Dreams" and actually put it in to action, to break it down into steps and bring it to a reality.

So, I set out, made some gear and sold it.  Went well, I was a little surprised actually!   But then came the next step, getting some capital... now I came from being homeless and out of rehab so I was broke as shit, but fortunately, a friend believed in me and wanted to help so she gave me some money.  Not enough to buy a house, but far more than I could raise on my own right.


Later down the track, things are going well but I needed some pictures, a catalog of sorts.  Hiring a Photographer can be expensive (rightly so, they're freaking magicians) but, through a chance meeting, a Photographer by the name of Carlos Arevalo took a whole bunch of free pics for me and edited them.  Carlos still helps me out until this day and I can pay him money now but honestly, he's worth far more than he allows me to pay him.


As Belief grows, the amount of people who help me when I'm financially strapped, when I have no money for Models, when I need Marketing advice , when I need motivation and Inspiration, when I need a ride somewhere or help at a Pop Up, and even when I just need to fucking vent,... is astounding!!

I built Belief, it came from my own story and is designed for my need to help others, I get up every day and do the work, I do the long hours, I'm always on the phone, on social media, designing, editing, supporting our Athletes,.. you name it, I'm doing it.


BUT.  I'm not Self Made in the damn slightest.  So many people support me that it's fucking rude to call myself Self Made, I'm not Self Made, I'm supported as hell and I'm eternally greateful for all the support I get.  


I'm Belief Made, YOU....all of YOU reading this are my Belief Family, YOU make Belief Clothing a reality, YOU are Belief Made, WE are Belief Made and we aren't here to do this alone.

Yeah, you're the one who has to get their arse up and do the work, that money a friend may have given you for your goal isn't going to do shit if you stay in bed, BUT, you're not alone!  You are surrounded by people who are on your side.


The notion of Self Made can go jump, we roll together out here!  LET'S DO THIS !!!

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