Pt 1; The tough reality of how Belief Clothing came to life

The Origin story of Belief

I wanted to start a blog that would also tie into our upcoming Youtube Channel. A blog that documented the journey of Belief,  the joys and anguish we encounter along the way, and share the stories I am so fortunate to hear from people I encounter.

It has to start somewhere right? So here is the beginning, the story of how Belief came to life. Enjoy, it's a bumpy ride.

Pt 1 – Life was rosy

It really was, I had a great Youth Work career that I had built up over 8 years. I loved Youth Work, the ability to share my experiences with younger crew going through their own versions of hell, with the hope that I could empower them to get through it with better decision making and more support than I did. It was awesome, and really fkn hard. The emotional investment is taxing, and quite often the work is shift work or late nights. I swear driving home after a hectic shift felt like I was driving home drunk. But, nevertheless, those kids and teenagers were all beautiful people living in a tough time and I always took stock from the smallest of victories like someone using their manners or getting an entire week attendance at school. That’s how you make a career in Youth Work last – appreciate the smallest things.

I was also engaged to a wonderful and clever cookie. She was driven, funny, and taught me a lot about responsibility even though she was a couple of years younger than me. But girls are smarter than boys right? We lived together in her Dad’s investment property only 20 mins from my job at the time in a nice big house with our meditation room, natural bush for a back yard, and a garage I had turned into a Martial Arts training room. It was all pretty sweet really.

I love Martial Arts! Back when a mate took me to a Boxing Gym in Balga when I was 16, man I was hooked. I loved (and desperately needed) the discipline, the routine, the constant pushing of mental, emotional, and physical boundaries. It quickly became everything to me. As I got older I boxed in a club overseas and everywhere I went, I had to find a gym. When my fiancé and I first moved into a unit, I gave Boxing a break to start up MMA for a while. Again, I loved it and spent nearly 4 years learning the craft. So it was only natural that when we moved to a bigger house that I set up my garage and train other people...I got some mates together and we trained for free and to learn from each other, besides our little crew, I taught family and friends Women’s Self-Defence Classes for a gold coin donation. Everything was working really well in my life. I had also taken up Surfing and coupled with my relationships, training, career, things were on track for a great future.

At this point I had some savings and one day on the way to work I spotted a For Sale sign on a house just around the corner from our place. As soon as I got to work I called them. Three weeks later I had the keys to my very first home!

Now all of this can seem pretty normal right? But in my case, it wasn’t normal, it was extraordinary...the next part will tell you why...

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31 May 2017
Evoeryne would benefit from reading this post

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