Pt 4; Rise Above - The birth of Belief Clothing!

Pt 4; The last installment that's the beginning!

How Belief came to life.

Part 4 of 4.


Part 4. Rise Above, the birth of Belief Clothing


Being homeless is shit house. You’re couch surfing, staying in Hostels, or living on the streets, if you didn’t have low self-esteem before homelessness, you did now.

So I had basically two options, continue this path and slowly end my life, or somehow find a way out.


I thought about the experiences of people I knew in my position and it took me back to my Youth Work days. I got thinking, “Where would I direct the kids if they were going through this”? I thought of a couple of Organisations that could help and I got in touch with them. One in particular put me on their waiting list for a bed in rehab. Man, waiting on the list was a real battle as my drug and alcohol abuse continued on like a runaway train on fire. 14 weeks of attending a once-a-week meeting, I felt like I was either going to die, or I was going to get into rehab, either way, one of them was going to happen and happen soon!


Eventually I got accepted into Rehab and was firstly admitted into a 1 week detox facility. It was crazy in there but it was only a taste of things to come.

After the week was up, I was taken directly to Rehab.


Rehab was hard-core.

From very early in the morning until late at night you were working on yourself, your past, routine, re-socialising, behaviours and consequences…. You name something dark about yourself and Rehab found it, raised it up, and made you face it and fucking deal with it. It was brutally confronting, exhausting, and incredibly powerful. Although I don’t recommend an alcohol or drug addiction, I strongly believe that what is learned in Rehab should be taught in schools.

After 7 weeks I couldn’t stand the amount of people there. It was too difficult for me to be around so many sick people trying to get well. So I left.


I knew Recovery is what I wanted and needed so desperately, so I attended regular meetings (still do) and did the suggested things.


As time passed I moved in with Mum. She looked after me and I looked after her. When Mum was unwell I would stay home and care for her, but most of it meant just staying close by to ensure she was okay. With this time on my hands I started thinking about my future. I knew I was done with Youth Work and the emotion involved with it, so I reflected on the things that I loved.


I loved being creative, most of my “schooling” was spent drawing on paper and subject books, I spent 3 years as a Sign writer, and several years as a Graffiti Artist, so evidently I loved to design.


I loved clothing. When I was young my mates had the new Adidas, Nike, Puma, Kangol, and Pony jackets and kicks. I once bought an Adidas jacket, but because I was poor by the time I had paid it off, it was summer! I didn’t care though, I wore it religiously with pride. But mostly my youth was spent window shopping for that stuff and getting hand me downs, but man did I love clothing.


And of course, I loved working out and exercising. And fuck did I miss it being in my life.


As I got some recovery time under my sleeve, I thought that I could at least join the gym again so I joined up at my local club. And wouldn’t you know it - whenever it was ‘Back Day’, I would be using the lateral pull down, dead-eye staring out of the window, facing the very park I had lived in… it motivated the hell out of me!


One day at the gym.. BAM!!  Sportswear, gymwear, activewear, streetwear, whatever you wanna call it, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll put all of my passions in to one amazing thing and make clothing. But I’m not going to name it with some cool sounding word, and I’m not going to name it after myself, I want it to be bigger than me, powerful and not ego driven. I want it to inspire and motivate people of all sizes and economical backgrounds. I want it to be borderless and transcending.


I played around with Rise Above for a while but that was taken so I took some time to reflect, to think about my life. I thought about my rock bottom and what kept me alive……5%


That 5% of me that wanted to live was Belief that I could be someone again, that 5% was Belief that I could give back to the world instead of taking, and I could empower people once again, that 5% was the Belief that I was actually worth something, that 5%....


….That 5% is now 100% …Belief.


All the rise and fall, all the failures, victories, and failures again, all the pain and joy, the hope and the loss, delivered me to my destiny.  BELIEF CLOTHING



And that my friends, is the story of how Belief Clothing came to life.


Now it's our time to change lives!

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By: on 18 July 2017
That is an amazing story . After reading that you deserve all the luck in the world with your business. Onwards and upwards

I'm not wohrty to be

31 May 2017
I'm not wohrty to be in the same forum. ROTFL

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